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Living Forests: UFIL's Environmental Education Program

Have you ever wondered about the secrets hidden in a forest? With the environmental education programme "Living Forests" you will discover the magic of our forests through educational and practical activities. Free of charge, this programme transforms learning about bioeconomy and sustainable forest management into an unforgettable adventure for for primary, secondary, high school and professional training students.

The " Living Forests " programme is designed to strengthen the bonds between emerging generations and the natural treasures that surround us. We want to awaken curiosity, foster understanding and cultivate appreciation for our province's forest ecosystems. In doing so, we not only create future stewards of our forests, but also conscious entrepreneurs and responsible citizens.

Free and accessible

We want to make environmental education accessible to everyone. 

Therefore, "Bosques Vivos" is a totally free programme.

Download the Environmental Education Programme

For more information and participation request:

Experience Forestry Workshop
(For primary and secondary school students.):

Dreaming Forests (Bringing sustainable forestry to secondary school, high school and vocational training students):

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