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Our Collaborators

URBAN FOREST INNOVATION LAB incorporates institutions interested in the aim of mobilising and taking advantage of local forest resources to develop the bioeconomy sector in Cuenca, helping to improve local capabilities while reinforcing workers’ skills as well as attracting and retaining  talent.


Cuenca Provincial Government

Among its responsibilities, Cuenca local council is involved in the cooperation and promotion of economic and social development as well as provincial territory planning. Among its dependent entities is the Provincial Development Board, a local autonomous body that develops activities such as: analysis and study of the socioeconomic structure and the real possibilities in raw materials and resources of all kinds, the provision of support services for entrepreneurship, collaboration in research or experimentation work related to products of interest and cooperation with other administrations and productive sectors in the promotion and dissemination campaigns of the province's resources.


Globalcaja, Fundación Globalcaja Cuenca and Fundación Horizonte xxii

Globalcaja and its foundations aim to develop the productive framework of the municipal area of Cuenca. Globalcaja decisively promotes and drives progress and socioeconomic advances in the region. It is one of the main financial bodies in the Castilla La Mancha region and in the province of Cuenca. Globalcaja Cuenca Foundation and the Globalcaja Horizonte xxii Foundation have among their purposes the promotion of rural, business, economic, educational and cultural development, promoting the social economy and entrepreneurial activity, scientific research, technological development and innovation, as well as contributing to environmental protection and promotion of the agri-food sector.



PRODESE is a non-profit organisation whose remit includes cooperation in the promotion of economic and social development in the Serranía de Cuenca territorial area. This organisation manages the “Participatory local development strategy in the Serranía de Cuenca region”, within the framework of the Castilla La Mancha Rural Development Program (FEDER 2014ES06RDRP007). Its objectives include: fostering knowledge transfer and innovation in forestry and rural areas, promoting innovative technologies and sustainable management of forests, restoration, conservation and enhancement of forestry-related ecosystems, promoting resource efficiency and supporting the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy,  promoting social inclusion, poverty reduction, and economic development in rural areas.



Is a company specialising in the management and development of real estate assets. A company with almost 14 years of experience whose firm purpose is to establish itself as one of the benchmark companies in the real estate sector in terms of sustainability. VÍA ÁGORA is highly committed to caring for the environment and to the development of sustainable projects. Consequently, this philosophy is at the core of all of its process options that help to save energy, reuse materials and promote the circular economy.



Is a Suez Group company specialising in the preservation and recovery of natural resources. With more than 50 years of experience, the company focuses its activity on the integral water cycle, being present in 130 municipalities in Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León, serving 1,100,000 inhabitants and caring for the quality of water for human consumption of 111 million m3 per year. Innovation, sustainability and the promotion of sustainable development are integrated values in its business vision. The priority is to forge alliances with administrations, economic agents and citizens to mobilise resources and promote a real ecological transition. Furthermore, it is dedicated to promoting the implementation of a circular economy model and propose technological and innovative solutions that help the cities and municipalities of Castilla-La Mancha to face future challenges.



Provides services in the field of biological research, biodiversity and nature tourism. It develops its activity providing innovative values in initiatives that promote sustainable development, the use of renewable materials, the orderly use of natural resources and the creation of spaces for dialogue between the rural and urban world.