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Our Partners

The project is being carried out by a consortium composed of public and private institutions with skills and experience in sustainable forest management, urban development, product design, services and materials, as well as entrepreneurship training and business support, using basic and applied research.


Ayuntamiento de Cuenca

Plaza Mayor, 1, 16001 CUENCA
+ 34 660 777 191

The City Council of Cuenca owns a forested area of ​​53,000 hectares, which has been well managed for more than 100 years. The majority of it is woodland that serves various purposes, from wood production, to recreational public use, through to indirect benefits generated such as CO2 fixation, biodiversity promotion, improvement of air and water quality, etc. Furthermore, the City Council of Cuenca owns an industrial company (Ayuntamiento de Cuenca Maderas, S.A.) to which the timber product of its forests is sent.


Universidad de Castilla La Mancha

Campus Universitario Cuenca, 16071 CUENCA

The Institute of Technology, Construction and Telecommunications at The University of Castilla-La Mancha has its headquarters in the city of Cuenca. Its objective is to unite the research activity developed in the UCLM in various technological fields. This research activity is directly linked to the foundation of the UFIL project: promoting the intelligent, integrated, sustainable and productive use of the materials provided by the Cuenca forest, in particular, its wood. In addition, given the city of Cuenca's vested interest in the project, the council wishes to make it as effective as possible; so much so that the Institute's facilities will physically house the innovation laboratory.


DG Medio Natural y Biodiversidad

Colón, 2, 16002 CUENCA
+ 34 969 178 300

The Ministry of Sustainable Development is the regional government agency responsible for the implementation of environmental, forestry, industrial, energy, circular economy, 2030 Agenda, consumption, and territorial cohesion policies. The Directorate-General for Environment and Biodiversity is dependent upon this office. Some of the roles of the Ministry are: sustainable forest management, control of the legality of trade in forest products, promotion and regulation of activity in the forestry sector and the planning and management of public use and of nature tourism in the natural environment.



Av. Reyes Católicos, 78, 16003 CUENCA
+ 34 969 213 315

The Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Cuenca (CEOE-CEPYME CUENCA), is a non-profit business organisation established in 1980. Its main objective is to represent and defend the interests of the associations and companies that are associated with it, as well as support the creation of businesses, entrepreneurship and socio-economic development in the province. Integrated in CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations), CEPYME (Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises), and CECAM (Regional Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Castilla-La Mancha), is the most representative business organisation in the province.


ACMSA Ayuntamiento de Cuenca Maderas SA

Ctra. Los Palancares, s/n, 16193 MOHORTE - CUENCA
+ 34 969 140 248

ACMSA Ayuntamiento de Cuenca Maderas SA is a municipal company founded in 1956 for the transformation of forest products (wood) from the mountains of the City of Cuenca.

ACMSA collaborates in research projects with CIFOR-INIA. This collaboration demonstrated the structural characterisation of Cuenca's larice pine tree, showing that it is the most resistant conifer in Europe. They also actively collaborate with the University of Castilla La Mancha, the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and other national research centres.


Khora Urban Thinkers

Av. Pedro Díez, 3, 28019 MADRID
+ 34 910 885 233

Khora Urban Thinkers is an consultant firm focused on innovation for cities. Khora seeks to support local governments in the search for solutions to their urban challenges through creativity, collaboration and innovation by designing and managing projects and identifying sources of funding. Khora participates in a cross-disciplinary way in UFIL, from the design phase of the project. In the execution phase, it participates by supporting the City Council in the management and organisation of the project, coordinating the preparation of the study to identify the opportunities of the forest bio economy and contributing to the activities of attracting sponsors and participants, in the design of training activities and preparation of the future model of UFIL to ensure its continuity.


IED - Istituto Europeo di Design

Av. Pedro Díez, 3, 28019 MADRID
+ 34 914 480 444

IED is an education and research institution specialising in design, fashion, communication and management. It is established within an international network of institutes which are focused on design and creativity. There are 11 centres in Italy, Brazil and Spain. The IED has years of experience in the implementation of project laboratories with a FabLab (fabrication laboratory) certified by MIT. The IED belongs to most of the various work packages but its role is focused on the training model. From design to training, mentoring and coaching in innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship and the development of skills, knowledge, attitudes and abilities focused on the personal project of each participant.


FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

Alcalá, 20, 2ª Planta, Oficina 202, 28014 MADRID
+ 34 914 464 881

The Forest Stewardship Council, better known as FSC, is an international non-governmental organisation that has certified nearly 200 million hectares of forests in 82 countries. It is based on a model of forest management that is environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable. FSC participates in most of UFIL's work packages. Its key areas of focus are on the communication and dissemination of the project, training in forest certification models and sustainable forest management, the search for sponsors to connect UFIL with the market reality, and research activities with the aim of identifying niche opportunities for forest bio economy in Cuenca.


UPM - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

ETSI Montes, Forestal y del Medio Natural - Unidad Docente de Organización de Empresas

José Antonio Novais, 10, 28040 Madrid
+ 34 910 671 632

The Technical University of Madrid is Spain's largest and oldest technical university, with more than 4000 professors, 38,000 undergraduate students and 6,000 graduate students in 21 schools. The School of Forest Engineering and Natural Resources has extensive experience in forestry entrepreneurship through innovation. It is precisely this experience that will be furthered through its participation in UFIL since UPM participates in the design of the training model and in the implementation of this model through online and offline training. However, it primarily focuses on entrepreneurship projects involved in the design of the acceleration model, as well as in the search for investors and in the tutoring of entrepreneurship projects.